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Promotional products

Promotional items, also known as merchandise or promotional gifts, are usually low cost items with a logo on. Companies often distribute them in large amounts to create a brand ambassador effect.

Printing your message or logo on an existing product is cost effective. But designing your own merchandise from scratch creates a unique wow effect for the recipient.


promotion items


Usability is key

Successful merchandise has a purpose. For a plumber a great promotional item could be a business card in the form of a magnet that can be put on every newly installed fridge. 

Show your company values

Let your customers know that you care about them through your merchandise.

For a sports store a meaningful promotional item could be a set of reflexes for every customer who buys running shoes during the winter period to keep them safe on the roads.



Fun and relevant

Keep up with current trends when giving away promotional items. It could be one-time virtual reality glasses that the recipient is able to use with a smartphone.

The element of surprise

It only requires a small gesture to create a big impact. If your promotional items are innovative and gives the recipient an unexpected experience, you will exceed expectations and create engaged brand ambassadors. 

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Some inspiration

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