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Printed matter

Envelopes, binders and business cards are just a few examples of the printed matter that most companies use as part of their daily operations. These are excellent opportunities for brand exposure and should be key promotional tools in any company.




Establish your design guide

Although printed matter may seem like a simple way of branding your company, you should carefully consider how the design ties to the rest of you communication channels.

A clear connection between the design of e.g. your business cards, note books and folders leaves an impression of professionalism everywhere you go.

Stay true to yourself

Make sure your printed matter reinforces the image you wish to convey about your company.

For example, if you are an environmentally friendly company, using sustainable materials for your printed matter would support your core values. 



Make it easy

Printed matter often comes in large quantities which require storage and inventory control.

Make sure your supplier offers storage facilities and administration, so you can reorder quickly and never run out of the important supplies you use every day.

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