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Packaging with logo

Packaging does more than just protect the content. It’s your brand’s first impression in-person and the first thing your customer sees when an order arrives.

Great packaging is not only practical, it gets the recipient excited about your product before they even see it. 




The unboxing experience

There is a reason why unboxing videos are popular on social media. We love to be surprised and experience the excitement of opening something, even when we already know what is inside.

Having great packaging gives your company a unique advantage in a competitive market and you should use the opportunity for promotion on every piece of packaging that comes from your company. 

Best practice in packaging design

The journey from initial idea to finished packaging might not always be straight forward. Be sure to think about all the possibilities so you can make informed choices.

A few questions you should ask yourself are; Is the packaging easy to open? How is the product presented in the packaging? Can the packaging be recycled or used for something else?



It’s all in the details

Even a minor detail can be the key to increased awareness of your brand. Small details adds to the combined brand experience but does not have to be very expensive.

Packing tape is an example of an easy way to make boring packaging seem more personal and interesting. You could also put your logo on the goodiebags of your next event. The possibilities are endless.

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