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Online tryksager

Online printed matter

We have one of Denmarks most effecient productions of printed matter. Our online system makes it even easier for you to order and reorder your business cards and other prints.

You just log in and order your printed matter and we will send them right to your doorstep. 


Online tryksager

Online tryksager

How to order printed matter online

  1. Contact us and receive your login information
  2. We setup and customize your account
  3. We setup your design template
  4. Order your printed matter with fast delivery
  5. Reorder whenever you need more

It could not be easier to order and reorder your prints, and we are always available if you need help or have any questions.

Endless possibilities

You can make much more than just business cards with our online system. Many of our clients also use the system for vouchers, labels, cards and price tags. Any printed matter you use continuously in large amounts should be integrated in our online system for quick, easy and efficient reordering.

You control the whole process from your computer and never have to spend unnecessary time on reordering again.

Online tryksager

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