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Corporate gifts

Choosing your corporate gifts can be challenging. If you hope to live up to the expectations of your employees you must be creative, and rethinking presents for Christmas, anniversaries and all other occasions can be extremely time consuming.




The right gift

Some companies want to give all employees the same gift. When doing so you should consider important factors such as age, interests and company guidelines.

It is impossible to match everyone completely, but the right gift can create a feeling of unity and start great conversations between coworkers.

Customized gifts

An online giftshop makes it easy for every employee to choose his or her own gift from a customized selection. Every employee can log in and choose a present.

We make sure the presents are delivered with nametags for quick distribution.



Unique gifts

Design your corporate gifts from scratch and make them stand out. You can be a part of the whole process from initial brainstorm and design to production and distribution.

It is important to find a partner who knows the process and can help you with a realistic timeline, especially if the gifts are produced abroad. 

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