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Office supplies and much more 

At Mogens Daarbak A / S you will find everything you need in an office. When you enter into an agreement for purchasing office supplies, we always take the needs of your business as our starting point. Among other things we help you putting together the right product portfolio, so that we can offer you the best prices for the products you use most.  

Office supplies covers the following product categories:

  • Office supplies
  • Paper products
  • Filing products
  • IT accessories
  • Consumables
  • Wiping and cleaning products
  • Disposable tableware
  • Catering
  • Binding products
  • Bags
  • AV products

over 16,000 items you can be sure that we always have what you need at the right price!

We have great width and the right skills to solve many different tasks. Read what our customers say about us here

Save money

Optimization of processes and release of resources are our core competencies. There are costs associated with each supplier you use. Choose only one supplier and save money on the bottom line!

Right prices

At Mogens Daarbak A / S we import some of the items we carry in stock. For our customers this means high quality products at the right price.

Easy & simple

It is easy and simple to deal with Mogens Daarbak A / S. There is only one place to search and order goods, one delivery to receive, one invoice to register and one supplier to keep an eye on.

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