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If you do not want to tie up large sums of money in furniture, then leasing might be just right for you.
By leasing you avoid large one-time expenses and are able to divide your costs into several smaller monthly payments. You gain more flexibility and it is easier to customize and replace your devices. 
The advantages of leasing are many. We can advise you on how it may be beneficial to you.

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Strengthen your core business

Leasing of furniture leads to a stronger focus on your core business. 
By leasing modern and functional workstations at Mogens Daarbak A / S, you turn a large acquisition cost into an affordable monthly leasing fee.

Lease agreement - when you do not want your money to 'sit' in the furniture.

A lease agreement with Mogens Daarbak A / S is conditional upon credit approval by a leasing company. Leasing is based on 48 months' duration. The Lease price is exclusive of connection fees and insurance.

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