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Nordjysk Elhandel- smart and stylish

Nordjysk Elhandel moved into new headquarters in Aalborg in 2009.  Mogens Daarbak A / S decorated the conference, entrance, reception desk as well as selected offices and the room of the board.The key words in this arrangement were quality, a simple style and flexibility. The goal was to create a good workday for the company’s employees and meet the requirements of a growing company at the same time

Room for everyone

Reception, waiting room and surgery at the doctors, dentist and medical houses do not have to be boring.It is important that customers, clients and patients experience a professional and welcoming impression.With individual decor concordance can be created between the doctor’s values and attitudes for example – and the expression the interior decoration indicates.

Medical Center Hjallerup

In 2012 the ”Doctors in Hjallerup” inaugurated their newly decorated clinic.The decor was a total design with a focus on creating a modern medical center, where both patients and staff feel comfortable. The key words were quality, courtesy and professionalism.When coming to the “Doctors in Hjallerup” as a patient, it should be to a place where people feel safe and well received.Mogens Daarbak decorated all consulting rooms, secretarial offices, wardrobe, staff room and waiting room. The front desk was custom designed in a unique design with soft and welcoming shapes.

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