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Green thread throughout the entire project

New office, open-plan environment, user influence, connection between interior design and architecture are just some of the challenges Mogens Daarbak A / S has mastered in this project in close cooperation with the customer. A recurrent theme has been created throughout the project in terms of color scheme and furniture, and the customer's demand for special equipment has been satisfied in close cooperation with our suppliers.

Different environments make it possible for the employees to make optimal use of their workplace and spend effective work days. A truly inspiring interior, where the employees and the workplace functions are the top-priority.

KMD comments


We moved down to the harbour into new buildings in spring 2007, the new house was to be fitted with brand new furniture and thus we had to choose a furniture supplier. After many visits and talks to various companies, there were two companies left, who were both presenting their proposals for the decor of our new house, Mogens Daarbaks presentation was very professional, they had really listened to our wishes, so the choice was not difficult. We chose Mogens Daarbak A / S because the decor perfectly matched  KMD'S needs and they had a schedule that could not go wrong.

The delivery of furniture worked according to plan, which was worked through very professionally. Mogens Daarbak's employees took care of our new house as if it was their own, everything got cleaned up after the job was completed, and if they received a damaged piece of furniture, they followed up on it right away. So when we moved in, everything was ready, very nice as it was furniture for 1000 people plus various meeting rooms and a large canteen after all.

The following year we started building a house in Aarhus for approx. 200 people -  Mogens DaarbakA / S was selected right away, as the furniture should be the same as in Aalborg and as we were very pleased with the Aalborg project, there was no need to spend time looking at other companies, and again we had made ​​the right choice, the project ran smoothly, all employees in Aarhus moved into the new location and everything worked perfectly from day 1. After the two big projects we have, of course, continued the good cooperation and Mogens Daarbak A / S is still as prompt and thorough in their delivery of furniture. We are hoping for a continued good cooperation with Mogens Daarbak A / S in the future and thanks a lot for the last 20 years of cooperation.

Niels Henrik Nielsen - Buyer, KMD

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