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Jyske Bank

Mogens Daarbak A / S was responsible for the delivery and installation of approx. 100 branches when "Jyske forskelle" was implemented in 2005. Departments across the country were professionally renewed within 3 months. Mogens Daarbak A / S became a significant player with regards to making the running-in of the new concept smooth and efficient.

In close cooperation with Jyske Bank and our suppliers, Mogens Daarbak A / S have developed many special products for Jyske Bank's concept. Additionally, experimental color combinations suit the image of the departments without compromising the functions of the individual furniture. A truly inspiring interior design that is inviting to the customer, exciting for the viewer and useful to the user.

Jyske Bank A/S comments

Jyske Bank A / S and Mogens Daarbak A / S have worked on the development of furniture solutions that could support Jyske Bank A / S in making a difference for many years. In this cooperation Mogens Daarbak A / S has been a creative player and has been able to submit proposals and input - from the first idea to the delivery and implementation of solutions - and was able to ensure with its own logistics function and engineer corps that we as a customer have been able to optimize our deliveries . A lasting cooperation can succeed when price and quality are linked - and Mogens Daarbak A / S have shown that they can deliver services at the right quality and at a competitive price.

Henning Hauge Hansen - Department Director, Jyske Bank A/S 

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