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What can you do when you need a break from surrounding noise and commotion, be it for a one- on-one meeting, in a  small group or maybe just because you want to talk on the phone without disturbances. One possibility is to use boxes designed for this purpose that will serve as oases of silence.

Popular solution

Silence is not a standard product from the Italian manufacturer Kapaventotto, but has been designed in collaboration with The scandinavian furniture company D Just due to a great demand for this type of solutions on the Danish market. As a result, three solutions  are now available on the Danish market. The solutions are designed for short meetings and conversations or simply as a haven where one can sit in peace and quiet. They are particularly suitable for open plan offices or other large spaces where acoustic problems may occur, says Michael Just, owner of D-Just.

For small workgroups
One of the solutions is a meeting-box of 140 cm in height that can be used by small workgroups as a quiet island in the room or waiting area. The design is constructed of a steel frame with plywood and then covered with fire retardant polyether. In addition, three padded panels create an elliptical zone, wherein meetings can be held without disturbance through loud background noise outside. Structural panels are attached to the substrate with a frame system, and the box is equipped with an elliptic board made of scratch resistant material. The buffer used is fire retardant leather and Trevira.The solution is also available in a high edition of 220 cm designed for short meetings and conversations where the participants stand around a table that is adjustable in height, and with a ceiling with embedded LED lighting.

Acoustic couch

A third solution is a special type of acoustic sofa designed for large rooms or public areas with a monolithic, almost sculptural expression. The sofa's back is extended, precisely in order to shield against noise, creating a quiet space. Seats, armrests, support and back are upholstered in Trevia substances, but can also be performed in any fabric you wish. - Only the design of the two sofas as a visual display helps to signal that here you can sit in peace and quiet, and at the same time it was emphasized that the solution is adding to the room with its design and expression, in addition to having a really good feature, says Michael Just. For more information about Silence send a mail or contact us at tel.+45 9633 3333

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