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Furniture and lay-outs

We create the common thread in your decor.

Your corporate identity, image and needs express themselves in the way your business is decorated. Therefore it is important to choose an advisor who understands your business and your company's needs and requirements. At Mogens Daarbak A / S we do! In our furniture department we have a team of dedicated and experienced furniture consultants, an architect and servicemen/fitters, who, together with professional partners, all put your company at the center and solve your task professionally. 

Furniture catalogue 2012

Are you ready to get some new and exciting inspiration? 
In the catalogue "Furniture Inspiration" you will get inspiration for furniture and interior design with furniture from Interstuhl, Montana, Fritz Hansen, Omann, Haag, Cube Design and many more.

If you have questions about the products, please feel free to send an email or contact us by phone +45 96 33 33 33.


Reception desks

If you are looking for a desk for your reception area, you have come to the right place.
We offer a wide range of standard modules or desks designed according to your wishes and needs.

Private zone

Acoustic solutions and solutions that create "small spaces in one big space" - as well as private space for each person.

Work zone

Office chairs, desks, storage, lighting etc.

Whether you need complete workstations or want to freshen up the current range, we have everything you need.You can also lease office workstations.

Let us meet

For large rooms with many people. Conference and meeting furniture of all kinds and shapes.

Soft dialog

Furniture that creates space for meetings or breaks

There is a huge selection of furniture for informal meetings.You find them in reception areas, meeting rooms, waiting areas or as furniture between workstations. 

Meet and relax

Canteen furniture and conference furniture-  ideal for smaller meetings in small groups.

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