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The environment is important to all of us!

At Mogens Daarbak A / S, we are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact, and an effective environmental management is a natural part of our everyday life. It is and must be a part of an ongoing business development and benefits both our customers and the environment. 

In connection with our environmental certification, we have developed an environmental policy which aims to highlight the products, solutions and processes that contribute to reducing environmental impact. 

Our environmental policy applies to all activities and employees.

Contact us at if you want to order our environmental policy.


The products that are marked with a gray leaf below the picture are products which we define as environmental goods. 

See the eco-labels which the leaf covers here 

Environmental partner

 In 2010, Mogens Daarbak A / S was chosen as the environmental partner of the year by Brother. The reason for this nomination was that we had collected most used toners compared to how many we had sold. 

We are glad to receive used cartridges in our shops.


Mogens Daarbak A / S is both environmental and quality certified and approved as Green store.

Mogens Daarbak A / S becomes greener every day!

In our 5 departments and on our Logistics Centre we are conscious of saving energy. We take both big and small things in consideration to make a difference. At the same time, we use environmentally friendly products whenever it is possible.

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