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You are important to us!

We know that it is essential that we focus on optimization and development of the daily cooperation in common. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the department's sales managers directly via the information below or by phone 96 33 33 33.

Henrik V. Nielsen

Sales manager
Mobile: 25 50 70 50

Morten Lauritsen

Morten Lauritsen

Head of department - Roskilde
Mobile: 25 50 70 22

Billede af Kasper Sørensen

Kasper Sørensen

Head of department - Silkeborg
Mobile: 25 50 70 12

Billede af Claus Schou Nielsen

Claus Schou Nielsen

Deputy Aalborg
Mobile: 25 50 70 24 

Billede af Morten Sørensen

Morten Dissing Sørensen

Head of department - Brønderslev
Mobile: 25 50 70 17 

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