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Do you need technical support and service?

At Mogens Daarbak A / S, we have our own nationwide technical support department. We service all types of office machines in our workshop and technicians are authorized to repair the products we sell. Additionally, we offer all kinds of support, installation and servicing of computers, software and document management solutions.

We can help with the following tasks:

  • IT support for laptops and desktop PCs
  • Setting up wireless network
  • Storage / back-up solutions
  • Installation and updates on machines
  • Antivirus programs
  • Service and support to scan and print solutions
  • Connectivity and management of scanning and printing solutions
  • Service and support at POS and POS system solutions
  • Repairs of office machinery

Do you want to learn more about our techinal support please contact us by mail or phone +45 96 33 33 33.

Urgent need for IT support

Do you have an immediat need to get IT support please contact us by phone +45 96 33 33 33 or mail.

IT security

Hackers, viruses, and failure of IT systems are a daily threat to all businesses. We offer advice and coaching on security products and solutions for broadband and wireless networks, firewall and antivirus protection. 

  • Update your software 
  • Protection against viruses
  • Installation of firewall

We do not leave before it works

Service, support and operation of IT equipment and office machines.

We help to get your equipment to work perfectly from the start. 

We can handle all tasks associated with installation, configuration and installing software and peripherals.

Technical workshop

We service all types of office machines in our own workshop, and our technicians are authorized to repair the products we sell.

Contact us for more information by mail or phone +45 96 33 33 33.

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