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Green plants provide a good and healthy environment in the office

Our plantation division is nationwide and has only professional gardeners employed. We offer service contracts and lease agreements, which all contribute to a healthy indoor environment. 

Green plants are good for indoor air quality and reduce stress levels. Green plants remove dangerous bacteria in the air and replace bad particles with pure oxygen. The air is cleaned when plants absorb and neutralize toxins in the air through their leaves and transform the natural CO2 content of oxygen. The indoor climate improves noticeably. 

The color green also has a positive effect on both heart rate and stress levels. According to new research, employees who spend more than four hours daily in front of the computer screen feel greater comfort and are more productive with plants around the workplace. 

Plants help to alleviate the known symptoms of poor indoor air quality, such as fatigue and headaches. Plants furthermore provide a better overall wellbeing. By integrating plants into the office decor, the workplace will be more vivid and inspiring for both employees and visitors

A service agreement contains

  • Permanent gardener and consultant
  • Skilled gardeners - with great experience and competence
  • Visit Report delivered at each visit
  • Additional pots and plants are delivered to your door
  • Replacement of the plants
  • Service every 14 days or every 3rd week
  • Filling of bark
  • Cleaning of the pots
  • Fertilization, staking, and cutting of plants
  • Ongoing rearrangements of the plants
  • The translocation of existing plants
  • Cooperation with interior designer
  • Development of new products in cooperation with the customer

Beautiful plants for your office

Whether you want to rent or own your plants and pots, we have the right solution for your business.

Plant walls

To create a plant wall in an indoor space is inviting nature inside. The wall creates life and also has a noise-absorbing quality. 

Decorative pots

We never get tired of the classic look - these are solutions we also like 5 years from now.

We carry a wide assortment of classic and contemporary pots.

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