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Label Avery Laser 105x37mm.

Label Avery Laser 105x37mm.
  • Label Avery Laser 105x37mm.
    • Svanen-uk
Label Avery Laser 105x37mm.
Item number: 30272 | Catalogue number: 75133014600
Inventory: Stock
16 labels per sheet. Label templates are available in most standard software programs. Design easily labels for example with Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office - can be downloaded for free at
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Number per package/box: 100
Number per outer box: 5
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Width 37 mm.
Brand Avery
Color White
Type For Laser
Lev. varenummer L7182100
Length 105 mm.
OSD varenummer 103740
Pcs. Sheet 16 pr. ark

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